Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Mediplus All in One Gel

There are probably many people who have noticed Japanese women’s beautiful skin.What is their secret to preserving such youthful skin that makes it look like these ladies have stopped time?The key to maintaining fresh, young-looking skin lies with moisturizing. However, applying moisturizer every day takes time and can be a little annoying, leading some of us to skip it. This type of product is already mainstream in Japan, and since it seemed great for busy women. 

Mediplus All in One Gel are well-known in women’s magazines, where it was introduced as a popular product and a favorite of many actresses and female doctors. It is recommended by dermatologists, and even those with sensitive skin can use this product without any trouble. It has even received a gold quality medal from Mond Selection (an international standard for high-quality products) for 4 consecutive years. So naturally, with 6 million of these bottles sold, this is one high-quality product!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Summer Whitening Care!! Elixir White Sleeping Clear Pack C

Featured item released this time~~ Elixir White Sleeping Clear Pack C pack is a whitening and aging care for this summer!! Repair the damage during the DAYTIME!! 

Shiseido's elixir aging series is a very popular line among the Japanese.
Elixirl White Sleeping Clear Pack is now on sale from the white series ♪ ♪

I Love this night Gel so much ♡

This new pack of Elixir is in gel type which whiten your skin and prevent aging, suitable use for the whole summer.
I apply it every night before i off to bed, my face feel plumber and moisture on the next day.
The texture is more like watery gel when you start to massage it on your face.
It absorb really fast and do not leave stickiness on my face.
Active ingredient m-tranexamic acid * Ingredients. Aroma floral scent with sense of relaxation. 
* Suppresses the formation of melanin, prevents spots and freckles, tranexamic acid

Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Hi everyone,

We would like to inform you that we will be having a storewide special discount starting from 1th March to 3rd March.

We will also give out some special items. This is a GIFT to celebrate Japanese Girl's Day (HINAMATSURI) to our customer.
You can send us your purchase order or you can go directly on your store to buy them. We are looking forward to hear from you.
Kirei Station

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

New Heroin Make Beauty Charge Aurora CC Series

Hi everyone!! Isehan Heroin Make comes up a new line - CC Series!!

Wake up in the morning your face is dull in colour? No worries!!

Heroin Make Light Aurora CC Cream SPF45 PA+++ and Heroin Make Light Aurora CC Powder SPF25 PA++ will help you to solve the problem!!

Both of them are inlcuded "Three Colours of light Pigment" to brighten the skin tone. 
Long lasting and sebum absorption powder formulations.
It covers the pores with unevenness correction powder formulations.
It keeps your skin moisture and prevent stress.
Fragrance free, Mineral oil free

Item at:
Heroin Make Light Aurora CC Cream SPF45 PA+++ :

Heroin Make Light Aurora CC Powder SPF25 PA++ :

If you have any inquiry feel free to email us.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sweets Sweets Cushion Tint Cheek


  • Sweets~Sweets Cushion Tint Cheek
  • This cushion tint comes with softness of powder + vivid colour of tint. It gives you a silky perfect fit by tying powder.Perfect fitted texture expresses light and vivid colour. It comes with 3 colour which are Cassis Tea, Peach Soda and Blood Orange. 
  • Release Date: 9 October 2016.
    If you wish to place an order please visit:
  • http://www.kirei-station.com/product/655

New Items release on 9 October 2016

Sparkling Eye Gloss 4 Colours

A new trick in your beauty arsenal, Sweets Sweets Sparkling Eye Gloss is a breakthrough eye shadow that delivers a wet look shine, without being wet. This playful, pudding-like texture applies like a gel, but dries like a powder and lasts all day.
Apply with finger, start in the inner corner of the eyelid and blend outwards.